VOODOO It feels like magic BECAUSE IT IS

Being invisible would be cool if you really were. I mean you could spy on all sorts of interesting things, but being invisible when you are not, that is a rough place to live. Many men have lives like that, hoping someone will notice how extraordinary they are. How special the man that is you really is. Unfortunately often times it is a very long wait.

I mean, I can move mountains for a woman who believes in me. I imagine most men are the same, however what happens to a man who no one believes in, or even worse his woman believes he will fail her? It is easy to fail when it is expected of you. Even if it is only in little ways, her negative belief will erode your manhood until you are dissolved like a sugar cube in the bottom of a deep cup of hot coffee.

Why Was Voodoo Made?


Every so often a woman will look upon you with big wide eyes, absolute trust, and believe you can do anything, and suddenly you believe it as well, you are some great mystery that her wildest fantasies can’t comprehend. I tell you, when that happens your soul vibrates with the intensity of her faith in you, and you literally would move heaven and earth for her, or die trying.

What the hell is that? Why does that happen? Why is it so rare? Why do some men never feel it? Why do most men experience the exact opposite?

This is when a woman imprints on a man with the trust and intensity of a child but the heart and desires of a woman, all her little girl dreams swirl up in her adult body and fuse into one person with one focal point, YOU. That imprinting is what we are trying to ignite with Voodoo.

Now, I don’t think I need to tell you that this is no easy task and we are in no way going to promise this is going to happen instantly for you just because you are wearing Voodoo, if ever, but we sure and the hell want the odds in your favor and that is what Voodoo and pheromones in general is all about.

Your life was sculpted by people and forces outside of yourself. Pheromones are part of the re-sculpting process that you do for yourself to go from a man created by others and chance, to become the man you want to be, living the life that you want to live by choice.

Question: Does Voodoo have social or sexual components or both?

Garry: Yes, it has social and sexual components. Imprinting is rare, so you will want the other pheromones for the process. I want a woman to feel attracted to me socially then imprint on me, then become so aroused that she will do all the sexually depraved things that I desire.

It does not have to be in that order though.

Question: Why did you call this pheromone mix or formula Voodoo?

Garry: So many people don’t have any understanding of pheromones and what Pheromones have been proven to do. They still think they are some bogus hokum, and quote pig pheromones article and other mainstream dribble. Like most things in life, the masses are way behind what is actually going on.

I have had so many times that friends and acquaintances finally give pheromones a try and then after they get over the, I don’t know if this is just in my head part of pheromone use, instead of talking the science of it with me they start calling it Garry’s Voodoo juice or something similar. Because of that, I have been wanting to make Voodoo pheromones for a long time. When we tested this formula it just screamed Voodoo, so I went with it.

Question: Did you really use Voodoo priestesses to cast spells on Voodoo?

Garry: Yeah, it felt like a really cool idea to add some magic to a product called Voodoo, especially since we are aiming for something as difficult as imprinting I figured some real magic on top of my formula would just be congruent with the plan, as well as make a great story, so I had five Voodoo priestesses bless a vessel that will impart the energies into the Voodoo pheromone cologne. I may still have a few more do the same as there is some importance to the numbers that make it more powerful, but I’m not certain on that one.

I had them use lust love and seduction spells cast into the Voodoo Vessel/Container. That is why we made the Erzulie Freda cards, as well as the gold Voodoo talisman that is on the bottles.

It was a much longer and stranger road than I would have taken had I realized what I was going to have to go through, but when I get a plan I’m tenacious.

When I sent out the email telling about the release of Voodoo I did not expect the real Voodoo part to freak people out. It is strange, people keep saying they don’t believe in that sort of thing, but they are also freaked out about it. It made me think that maybe I should just keep that part to myself on this page, but what is, is.

I mean honestly, Who do You Voodoo?


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