The night is still young and I’ve caught the attention of an absolute beauty. She raises her eyebrow at me as the rhythm of the music gets more intense around us and within seconds we’re close, moving together to the beat. We spend an exhilarating hour drinking and rubbing skin before excusing ourselves from the ruckus and finding our way to my place. It’s not even close to midnight yet and I’ve bedded one of the hottest girls in town, giving her the time of her life.

My secret? It’s nothing sinister, I promise. Sometimes, you just want to hook up with someone without any strings attached. We’ve all played the game. Head out to a bar or club, find a receptive girl, and spend a good portion of the night trying to get a win. Not only is it exhausting, but those hours could be spent doing something else – like making her moan with pleasure under your clean sheets.

With the use of The Hookup, you speed up the process. You will attract the attention of girls and instead of competing against the thirsty masses that have practiced their smooth lines you’ll find that you have plenty to choose from without any of the time consuming legwork. Stop wasting your time with the struggle and skip to the good part, it’s a win for everyone involved. Don’t take my story as the gospel, get yourself a bottle of The Hookup and enjoy a night that gives you enough time to properly rock a girl’s world.

The Hookup is an alcohol based pheromone cologne that comes in a 10ml or 30ml sprayer bottle.  There are a guaranteed 6mg of pheromones per 10ml bottle (18mg per 30ml).  There are 4 unique pheromones in The Hookup, one of which is Androstenone.  The formula is a Proprietary blend of pheromones designed to get that girl in bed with you when you’re out hunting at the bar or club.


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