Do you want more honesty from your friends and love ones, or do you just want to know what’s really on anybody’s mind? Then the Secret Weapon Pheromone for Men is right for you.

Now you can relax, she will actually say whats on her mind and you wont have to be hit by surprising reactions! This potent combination can improve your confidence and boost your esteem. You will no longer be afraid to approach that gal you really like, you can boost confidence and she will be totally wrapped around your finger.

Secret Weapon Pheromone Cologne for Men; a real social and seductive pheromone spray:

Have the power to control the conversation.
Boost your confidence and appeal.
Achieve a greater level of trust.
Be the center of her attention.
Be able to take charge and feel like the man you were meant to be.
Secret Weapon is a mix of five communication, loyalty and sexual pheromones developed to motivate and stimulate more sincere interactions. Use it at work to get your clients to spill their guts, on campus, in cafes or at home to help improve your connection with your partner.

With Secret Weapon everyone knows the way to a womans heart is what you say; confidence and trust is within your grasp.

Ingredients: Dipropylene Glycol, Isopropyl Myristate, Human Pheromone Blend of Androstenone, Androsterone (beta), Androstenetrione, Androstadienol (alpha), Estratriene.


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