Ascend XS is more than just jaw-dropping attraction,

its your guarantee to “Ascend” the social and business ladder.


“What I am sure of is that my boss was very friendly and pleased with me today. Okay, so you have to understand that my boss is usually very bitchy and complainish. He is bound and determined to find something that you did wrong and tell you about it no matter what, every day without fail. Well today was different. Today my boss told me what a good job I was doing . . . How I was “the Man” for doing what I did everyday. Most certainly not normal behavior from Mr. Micromanagement that’s for sure.”

While many men use pheromones to get an edge over the competition in the dating game, Ascend XS male pheromone blend gives that same razor-sharp edge in the business world too. Providing you with the necessary tools to “ascend” the corporate ladder opening up opportunities where once only closed doors stood. You will be admired for your calm, confident manner and the smoothness in which you go about in your business. Others will find in you a sense leadership and trust they can count on to get the job done. You might even be surprised just how easy Ascend XS male pheromone blend makes your business life.


Is Ascend XS magic or will I have to do anything?

Ascend XS is not magic and despite what some pheromone producers want you to believe you still will need to do your part. Ascend XS gives you an advantage over the other guys. It creates a sense of confident attraction amongst your peers and those around you. You will notice notice numerous  attraction and trust signals when you are out, but you will need to capitalize on these opportunities. Just like wearing a new shirt or rocking a fresh haircut. If you stand against the wall of a dance club with a frown watching everyone else have fun you will be left out. However might a slight effort to talk and smile and you will be amazed at what transcribes before you. Your conversations with coworkers and women will glide smoothly.

Some indicators that Ascend XS is working are:

  • People call you sir
  • More eye contact
  • Women will twirl or play with their hair
  • They will hand you the bill when you are out with a group
  • People will stop just to hear what you have to say
  • Coworkers will do what you ask them to without questioning why
  • Strangers will compliment you
  • Women will smile at you
  • Your boss will trust you to get the job done
  • Women will double look when you enter the room
  • Strangers will trust you more than is reasonable to trust a stranger
  • Women will be in a sense of awe when you talk to them
  • You will be handed the wine list when out
  • Boss will ask for your opinion on important matters
  • People will attempt to impress you
  • When in groups people will wait for your decision
  • Women will go out of their way to say hello
  • You will see more skin than is normal
  • Deliberate invasion of personal space
  • Sticking around you like glue


Who created Ascend XS blend?


Ascend XS male pheromone blend began as a personal project of Steve Osborn, a pheromone hobbyist and enthusiast, several years ago. It started its life code-named after the actor Clark Gable, attempting to encompass all of his masculinity and yet remain chivalrous. Over the years, as its creator matured, so did the pheromone blend itself. Constant tweaks and improvements bring us to the Ascend XS formula of today.

With 9 unique pheromones it captures the traits of an alpha-male, while encompassing those less known, often overlooked characteristics, such as purpose, gentlemanliness and charisma amongst others.

My personal journey to become an alpha-male and attract women into my life took me in many directions. I practiced pua techniques, read every book and spent thousands on programs to educate myself on what an alpha-male is. I found some very good information in-between tons of absolute crap. What I learned from all the effort put forth was that an alpha-male is a person who is comfortable and accepting of not just others, but what is more important, himself.

Its not merely a behavior, but its a series of attributes possessed by every alpha-male. There are men of the belief that it can be faked but I can assure you it cannot. You already have the inherent qualities of an alpha-male and Ascend XS unambiguously accentuates those.

With Ascend XS you do not need to fake being anything you are not. You are revered as a man in balance with his mind, body and spirit. Someone whose words are soft, but energetic, humble but content. You are stern but loving. Perhaps described by many as a hero amongst true men, you’d simply prefer to be recognized as just a man.


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